Monday, January 16, 2012

hockey fan rant.

i am not sure if you are aware of this, but keith and i go to a lot of hockey games. we go to so many, in fact, we've seen a lot of different away fans. we tend to be very welcoming of away fans. after all, we are good hosts with great southern hospitality, y'all.
and typically away fans are nice to talk to because even though we root for different teams we all share one love. hockey.

however, this season has been different. i am not sure if it because the hurricanes have had a bit of a rough start. losing A LOT of games. firing a coach. and having to basically start over. so now large amounts of away fans come to the games. which is fine. why not? why not come to a stadium where you most probably will see your team win? i get it. plus most of these away fans used to live up north. hence their allegiance still to the northern teams of buffalo, boston and toronto. again, i get it. you grew up a rangers fan. so you'll always be a rangers fan. that's fine.

my problem is this. disrespect. simple as that. as i said, the hurricanes organization and its fans tends to be welcoming of its guests, 'canes fans or not. we appreciate visitors and friendly banter. what isn't necessary or frustrating to a home fan who is at every single game is that away fan that curses the entire game. that away fan that talks shit about the hurricanes the entire game. that away fan that makes fun of home fans the entire game. that away fan that claims that southerns don't know anything about hockey. that away fan that has no idea what kind of animal stormy is.

if everything about the hurricanes is so terrible. why are you at the game? montreal will gladly take you back. we don't need to hear you be rude and complain the entire game.what ever happened to common decency? since when did people determine it is OK to run around yelling disrespectful comments and insults for no apparent reason? i certainly do not do that.

i know not every away fan is a terrible away fan. we've met some pretty awesome away fans. but we've also met some pretty terrible away fans. so terrible that it makes us never want to go to that team's stadium to see a game (i.e., buffalo and washington).

i am a fan of many sports and have been to many football and basketball games in various arenas. and typically the home crowd welcomes visiting fans. again, there is teasing and polite trash talk. it wouldn't be a a true sports experience without these things. but both sides are there for the same reason: their love of the sport. so, they can revile in that together. laugh and "talk shop" over a few beers.

but this hockey season has really made me question these visiting hockey fans. what is the need to be a fan and act like an asshole? aren't you there to have fun and enjoy the game? where's the love of the game by being a dick and yelling profanities at the home fans who support this team, day in and day out? i am sure most of these fans who come to our stadium and behave this way, wouldn't stand for some visiting fan coming to their stadium and acting like a punk.

and this may seem like a silly thing to write about or to even be upset about. but again it goes back to respect. you wouldn't be a guest in someone's house and then start yelling about why it sucks or how much you hate it there. no, you wouldn't. because it's not polite. no matter what the reason is why you are there.

but perhaps having social graces and being polite are a southern thing.

the next home game is this friday. wish us luck...for a 'canes victory and good fan sportsmanship!


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