Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 k2 year in review

2011 was a pretty AHHHH-mazing year. no doubt about it.

the year started off with us, engaged, in school, wedding planning. whew. our lives were crazy. we hardly had a minute to enjoy it. however, amongst all the crazy...we did just that. enjoyed it. last spring was a really great and stressful time for us.

keith and i both were finishing our final in-class semesters of GRADUATE school. we both had to study for and pass certification exams for our professions. keith had to job search. i had to search for the most perfect internship. and fight with my department as to why it would be so great.

keith graduated. a doctor.

late spring we traveled to the outer banks to GET MARRIED!!! we spent a week with our families celebrating the best day of our lives. it was the most amazing week. i've said it a thousand times, if i could live every week like our wedding week, i would.

we returned to our home of three years, greenville, only to have one month to pack it up to move to another new home. we moved to raleigh. to start jobs. the summer was a whirlwind. i can't even remember what we did. all i remember is that it was hotter than hell. that's right. and i hear hell is hot.

this fall we have enjoyed getting settled in a life in raleigh. reuniting with old friends and hurricanes hockey. we love that we can see our families more; and that friends are only a phone call away instead of weekend trips away.

i completed my internship in december and will officially graduate with my masters in may. it would have been this semester, but you can thank ECU for screwing things usual.

as 2011 ended and 2012 has begun, we are still growing as a couple and as individuals. we keep looking for that next step. and keep chasing our dreams. our dreams as a couple. our dreams with our friends and families. our dreams professionally. and our dreams to impact the world.

we only hope 2012 is as good to us as 2011. it promises to start off well....with a honeymoon trip in the very near future! :)

and i wish only the best year to all of you!


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