Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pedestrian crossing

so keith and i almost got hit by a car today.

as pedestrians. in a parking lot.

we were leaving panera with our 'keith, feel better soon' lunch. we had to cross the parking lot to get to our car. so we're walking, take a look around and see this guy driving, a white lexus. he stops. there was an open handicapped space next to where we were standing, so i thought maybe he wanted to park there, but in order to do so, he was gonna have to back in. i wasn't sure where he was gonna park, all we knew was where we were going.

however, since he wasn't moving any longer, we proceed to cross. then all the sudden this guy whips his car in reverse as if he is in fact going to park into this handicapped space. i mean, he is flying in our direction with reckless abandon. backwards. ahhhhh! it was like i had no idea where to go but in the direction of this moving car. i was paralyzed by it. we finally got out of his way. i was on the driver's side, keith on the passenger's side. both of us yelling at this moron who is backing up his car without looking around him. to see that there were two PEOPLE BEHIND HIS CAR.

then we saw it. we realized why he was so stupid. he was on his cell phone. driving and talking on the cell phone do not mix. PUT DOWN THE PHONE AND PARK THE CAR, YOU JACKASS.

oh wait. it gets better. so, we have now safely crossed the parking lot. we are walking through an empty space. to which this lexus driver wants to park his car in. what the fuck. he was backing into one open spot, to pull into another open spot...better. well, kind of. because he almost hit us, AGAIN.

why? because he is still on the fucking phone. and we thought he had already thrown his car through the handicapped poll and into the panera restaurant by now. we had no idea he'd be heading in our direction. AGAIN.

the only smart thing he did? stayed in his car until we got into ours. he knew better than to deal with that wrath. DUMBASS.

whew, what an afternoon.


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