Tuesday, January 3, 2012

just a little tlc

tonight keith and i were supposed to go to the hockey game. we didn't go. because keith is sick. some might think it's silly that i didn't go because he didn't feel like going. after all, there is no need for me to sit at home while he rests and moans. i can be at the rbc center enjoying a hurricanes win (hopefully).

but sometimes life and marriage are bigger than one hockey game. it's about being there. my miserably sick sweetie just needed some lovin'. so, we came home and i took care of things he would have otherwise had to if i had gone to the game. i made dinner, walked the dogs and got things ready for tomorrow. he rested, drank fluids and took some meds.

i am happy to be home to take care of him. most of the time ;)

marriage is about being there. no, i don't have to walk him through every sickness. he is a grown ass man after all. but marriage is about knowing when you're needed and when you need to give some space.

we're in it together. in sickness and in health. right?

hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for my sweetface :)


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