Wednesday, November 23, 2011


thanksgiving. ahhh. a day of family and friends. and stuffing our faces like true americans. just like the pilgrims and indians did.

but fo' real. i love thanksgiving. i hate that christmas commercialism has made thanksgiving the red-headed stepchild. what made christmas so special that it has be to louder and more annoying to overshadow thanksgiving? thanksgiving is the time to eat too much delicious food and to get drunk with your creepy uncle. it's a time to laugh. and share. and maybe stay up too late reliving childhood memories. remember that terrible haircut and bad outfit you had for picture day? yeah, the haircut that you gave yourself and the outfit that you picked out. yeah, let's go ahead and tell that story for the 300th time. that's what thanksgiving is about. ahhh. memories.

so, in honor of thanksgiving, i'd like to share a few things that i am thankful for. and since thanksgiving falls on november 24th, i'll go ahead and share 24 things. yeah, i'm crafty like that.

by the way, this list is in no particular order.

i am thankful for....
1. my dogs always being excited to see me when i get home. always. it makes any day a good day. ok, well at least a better day.
2. my husband's snuggles. nothing in the world can compare to it.
3. my sense of humor. it's pretty much at a 5th grade level. and i am so okay with that.
4. a roof over my head. and food in my cupboards.
5. an extremely supportive family.
6. my health. some days are better than others. but every day is better than what some others go through.
7. finishing graduate school. well, almost.
8. christmas tree cakes. i know, stupid christmas had to sneak into my thanksgiving list. but they are just so damn good. i could eat them all year long. easter. memorial day. 4th of july. halloween. really any holiday will do.
9. my friends. i love them all and don't see them as much as i would like.
10. a good night's sleep.
11. laughing until i cry. usually because of something i said.
12. an amazing husband who loves me more than i could have ever imagined.
13. hurricanes hockey. through the highs and lows, i am thankful to enjoy a team so much that i want to go to all of their games.
14. the sunniest of days.
15. the ability to write. and to enjoy doing it. seriously, i should make it my day job. or at least my half-time job. something??
16. being in a position in my life where i can be choosey with my future.
17. the little things.
18. hot apple cider on a cold day. yummmm.
19. my job. and that i love it and my boss and co-workers.
20. a delicious glass of wine.
21. vacations! the husband and i are heading to OBX on friday. yipppeee!
22. to be an american. and i am thankful for the service men and women who protect our freedom every. single. day.
23. momma sales' pumpkin pie that i plan on destroying tomorrow.
24. YOU. seriously. YOU. every person that touches my life, whether it be every day, one a week or once a year, i am thankful for you. you are important to my life. and i am so glad you are a part of it.

i hope you all enjoy your thanksgiving, whatever you do!


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