Wednesday, November 9, 2011

disgust to streaking. intrigued? then READ ON.

i am outraged by a few things right now. so, here are my thoughts are some recent issues, in no particular order.

i think the biggest scumbag ever award goes to joe paterno. hearing this story on my way to work tuesday morning disgusted me. he says that "it's a tragedy...a great sorrow of his life...he should have done more." no fucking shit. he is only sorry because this is now a public matter. if he was truly sorry he would have done something the minute his GA told him of these terrible actions that were occurring. which joe found out about back in 2002. it's ridiculous. completely ridiculous.
what happened to basic human rights? what happened to standing up for people who can't stand up for themselves? paterno has a voice. a powerful voice. and had the opportunity to do the right thing. to use his voice for those who who couldn't use their own. to be an advocate. he could have stood up and said "this isn't right". he could have done the moral thing. saved lives. instead he chose to do nothing.
it's disgusting.

if i wasn't already hot, i saw this article about the wake county animal shelter and their euthanasia habits of late. especially after putting a precious pup on TV to say "this sweet little face is healthy and ready for someone to adopt!" well if you were interested, little did you do not have that opportunity anymore. they claim she was "sick", with a "...cough and nasal discharge". really?! now, i don't know all the rules on running an animal shelter. but i would think a cough and runny nose shouldn't be immediate grounds for dismissal. i am sure sick animals are brought in all the time. how do they decide who lives and who dies? it's an awful thing to think about. and seriously makes my heart hurt. these animals didn't ask for this terrible living condition. and we are lucky as humans that we can make their living condition better. so...shouldn't we? i know not every dog, cat, animal can be saved. but if that's your business...then that's your job. END. OF. STORY.

and finally on a completely different note. some of you may know that i am an ECU alum. well, there was some interesting/exciting events at the SMU vs. ECU football game this weekend. or as The East Carolinian (TEC) puts it, there were extra balls found on football field. yes, there was a streaker. a 21 year old male planned out his little trot around Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. TEC also has a nice cover article on the sequence of events and the streakers motives. but beware, if you go to TEC main website, you will receive a full frontal of the streaker. yep, totally nude. after all, isn't that what he wanted? and if you search youtube, you will also find some great videos.
but i digress. the point of even telling you about this ridiculous event is that i am surprised at how upset people are over it. well, they are either really upset or found it really hilarious. so, if you read any local greenville article about the ECU streaker. hell, there was even a post on WRAL about it. people are pissed. what for? college kids do stupid shit all the time. our government does stupid shit all the time. but we still allow those assholes to manage major aspects of our lives. so i say...if you don't want to see college kids do stupid shit, don't be around them. or if you are going to a college sporting event, be prepared for how a college kid might behave.
but really the bottomline is this...who did he hurt? no one. if any child who saw this naked man was upset by it, parents should have used it as a teachable moment. and, if you watch this and don't chuckle. even just a little bit. then perhaps you need a little more nudey time in your life.

those are my stories, and i'm stickin' to them.

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