Friday, October 7, 2011


i have gotten some requests for details about our what better way than to share with my blogger world :)

so, keith and i have not gone on a 'honeymoon' yet. we had an amazing wedding week at the beach when got married, so it felt like a honeymoon. but all of our family and friends were there too. so it was definitely not a honeymoon. not that we don't love our family and friends, but i think you all know what i mean. ;)

quickly after keith and i got engaged we talked about what we wanted to do for our honeymoon. we tossed out ideas like tropical vacations. mountain trips. exotic islands. and all of sounded wonderful, yet none of it fit. it just wasn't 'us'. then out of no where, i had it! this amazing idea just came to me....a hockey honeymoon! we'd take a hockey road trip and go to several different cities, see hockey games in different arenas and get to experience different towns!
now, if you know keith and i at all this idea is PERFECT. hockey started our relationship and will forever be a huge part of 'us'.
first of all, we are HUGE carolina hurricanes fans. the point of this trip is not to follow the hurricanes, but yet to experience other hockey cultures. we are going to each city and really try to immerse ourselves in what the locals do. we know that other hockey clubs are cherished by their fans just like we cherish our hurricanes, so on this trip we want to learn why.
and of course, all the while, we will be in amazing we can be big, huge tourists! we can stay at amazing hotels, eat awesome food and drink great drinks; and perhaps do some sight-seeing ;)

the kicker, hockey is a cold weather sport. so there is no 'warm' time of year to take a hockey road trip. well, we are going in february. eeeepp.
when trying to decide what cities to go to, going to canada was a must for me.
so the trips starts flying up to toronto. this is the longest leg of our trip. hang out there for a few days. go to a montreal vs. toronto game. see the sights. toronto has a lot to offer. the hockey hall of fame. the CN tower. the royal ontario museum...sounds fancy. centre island, which appears to be an amazing park. and niagra falls isn't far away if we can brave the cold. an underground walkway filled with shops, restaurants and entertainment. part of the city lives underground. literally!!!
after all the fun in toronto, we will hop on a train and head to montreal. now, montreal has a legit underground city. toronto's underground 'area' is more like a township. montreal's is a city. you see, canada is so fucking cold that they had to figure out a way to get people to shops, restaurants, movies during the 10 months of winter. eureka! the underground city! while in montreal we will see the hurricanes play against montreal. now, wasn't on purpose. it was just the way the schedules worked out. we will not wear any hurricanes paraphernalia to the game. just something red...since both teams wear red. no one will know that we are secret 'canes fans :)
montreal is our last canadian stop, eh? then we'll get on another train. and take a very longggggg train ride to NYC. we will see chicago play against the new york rangers at madison square garden!!! i am so excited! i love everything there is to love about NYC. and i am even more excited to be seeing a game at MSG. whooop. while we're in NYC, for only two days, i want to go to a broadway play, climb the statue of liberty, go to the 9/11 memorial, walk museum mile (and perhaps go to a museum...MET), and ellis island. whew. that's a lot for two days.
our next stop is in philadelphia. we'll see pittsburgh come to town to play the flyers. philly has so much of our national history, that i don't even know where to start. the liberty bell, all the original documents of our nation, betsy ross house. and we'll definitely eat cheese steak. a lot of it.
the last stop is raleigh. obviously we live in raleigh, but the hockey road trip part of it will end in raleigh, with a home hurricanes game against the washington capitals.

so. there you have it. as we add more details and things we'll want to do in each city, i'll update you guys! we can't wait!!!!

it truly is our honeymoon.....♥


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