Monday, September 26, 2011

cuddly sleepin'

keith and i have been together almost 6 years. and every night we share a very similar "going to bed" ritual. we climb in bed, get cuddled up next to each other, talk, share kisses, laughs, tickles, and after all of that...finally say "i love you and goodnight".
and that's how we fall sleep. cuddled up. i wouldn't change it for anything. it's my safe place. it's where everything in the world is right. it's our place to be together at the end of crazy days, good days, bad days...whatever days. it's our place to let go of all of that and just fall asleep. together.

today at work two ladies exclaimed how they hated touching their husband while they sleep. and in fact they told me that the cuddled up feeling i currently have "will go away". they shared stories of how they used to sleep with their husband's all sweet and cuddly...but how something changed. and now they demand their space. and prefer it.

this broke my heart. now, i understand that not everyone is a cuddly sleeper. so, if you never were cuddly sleepers, the fact that you might not be one today makes more sense. than if you had been a cuddly sleeper and now are not.
i love sleeping next to keith. and being wrapped in his arms. and i hope that feeling never fades. and keith and i don't always stay cuddled up all night. but to me, it's a wonderful feeling to have the man i so dearly love wrapped tightly around me as i fall asleep. and to have these ladies say that this magical feeling "will go away"....well, they used to be cuddly sleepers. what happened? why does that feeling have to go away? i want to stay madly in love with my man for the rest of our lives. and i want him to cuddle me. every. single. night. it's us. it's what we do.

so after hearing the ladies' words. i almost felt sad for them. that they didn't desire the touches and cuddles of their husbands that they once longed for. i only wish for everyone to have a great love story. a love story that has the passion. the magic. the amazingness. the awe. all of it. 

so ladies (and gentlemen) cuddle your loved one tonight! you share a bed with them because you love them. let them know it with a little cuddle :)


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Windot said...

i LOVE this. Matt and I do it too and we've been married 7 years now! Our favorite is being silly together in bed. One of our favorite things to do is play "tagged you last" where we try to touch each other last without the other person realizing it. Like I will gently tap his arm and roll over like i'm going to sleep and hope he doesn't feel it so i can in victory say, tagged you last! But most of the time he feels and he touches me back and we like start hitting each other. Sounds so lame and silly but we laugh so hard! We usually end up having to say, 1, 2, 3, and touch each other at the same time to be fair. But inevitably we keep hitting each other until we have to call a truce. you keep it up, girl. The cuddle and sillyness only ends when you guys end it. So if you want to do this until your 99 years old, then keep on!