Friday, September 16, 2011

beware: fear of dogs

today i had the dogs tied up out front of our townhouse. you know, i was cleaning out the explorer, and they were helping me. and while we were cleaning out the truck my neighbor comes home. and she just happens to be deathly afraid of dogs. i mean its a paralyzing fear. she calls our dogs horses. i mean, they may weigh 65 pounds each, but i have seen bigger dogs and our dogs would definitely look miniature next to a horse. however, if i was extremely afraid of something, i am sure it would seem 10 times larger. in fact, we have had some rat-sized cockroaches in our house before.
i've said all of this, but for the most part, she deals with them well. the only time they really scare her is when they surprise her. like when we come outside and she didn't see them or when orso is an asshole and barks at her for no reason.
so, she saw them out there when she got home. she seemed concerned, but "snuck" by them when they were paying her no attention.
then both her and her daughter came outside. and the daughter must be afraid of dogs too. because this small convo took place:
the mother informed the daughter that the "horses" were out.
the daughter said "you know they are off the leash, right?"
i responded with "no they aren't. they are chained up."
to which the mom said,"yeah right."

uummmmm. let me explain a few things to you....
1. there is a leash law. unlike some, i follow it.
2. you can see the leashed wrapped around the fence. with the dogs attached at the other end.
3. haven't you wondered why they haven't run over to you to say hello yet? btw, my dogs are extremely friendly. they want to meet and greet everyone. they couldn't do that being attached to a leash.

her comment just really got under my skin. and i'm not really sure why.....
i guess because she was trying to accuse me of not doing the right thing. i was doing the right thing. damn it. just because you are afraid of them doesn't mean that their being outside is wrong.
why would i have my dogs outside without a leash on or not fenced in? my dogs are obedient, but sometimes they get so excited about things, that they might run off. to greet a person to run after a squirrel or chase floating leaves. who knows. i wouldn't have them loose in a populated area.
plus, i already knew that she is afraid of them. i wouldn't run the risk of them running up to her and scaring her more. sheeesh.
grrrrr. some people.

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