Wednesday, September 14, 2011

close to my heart

i have been married four months (tomorrow). and on our wedding day, my parents gave me this awesome wedding gift. a beautiful necklace.

and i haven't taken off since. and i don't want to. is that ridiculous of me? i want to wear other necklaces. but that means my wedding necklace will have to sit in my jewelry box. *gasp* i don't want my wedding necklace to ever have to do that. so, for now, i only wear necklaces that will accompany my wedding necklace nicely.
i am sure, in time, this feeling will fade. but i certainly hope it's not anytime soon.

i loved everything about our wedding. EVERYTHING. so every moment. memory. keepsake. well, i want it with me always. i cherish it all. and i will always and forever.

and i don't think that is too ridiculous. ♥

mrs. sales

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