Tuesday, September 6, 2011

mud run MS

as promised, here is some more information about the MUD RUN!!!! short, sweet and to the point.

event date: september 24th

location: stem, nc (fort bunter, nc)

time: the race begins in "race waves" at 9am. basically this means that a group of people start at a particular time. this way not everyone is starting at the same time and causing everyone to get trampled. in mud.
our "wave" starts at 10am.

team: MUD SLINGING PIRATES as if we'd be on a team that wasn't associated with pirates. pssffft. check out our page. join our team. donate money, whatever.
seriously, you can do all of those things. or none of them.
if you want to participate with us...AWESOME! now go join our team! hurry!!!!!
and if you'd like to be our cheerleaders and come watch this ridiculous spectacle, we'll see you in a few weeks. just make sure you're wearing some pirate gear. fo' real.

donations: the hook with this event is that we have to raise $100 each to even participate. say whaa??! but it's for an amazing cause that is near and dear to our hearts. so, we can dig it. and that is where you come in! if you'd like to donate (and we know you would!) to either myself or keith, you can do so by going to our team page, MUD SLINGING PIRATES, and clicking on our names.
and here is a direct link to my personal page.

just so you don't think i'm yanking your chain...here's why we MUD RUN:
keith's mom, barbara has MS. every year we participate in WALK MS to create awareness, advocacy, and fund raise for a future without MS. this year we wanted to do something a little different. the MUD RUN is very different. and a little crazy. but we're gonna have a great time while we support one of the most amazing, strong-willed women i know. she supports us in everything we do, this is the very least we can do for her.

info: here are some links to additional resources.
MUD RUN MS carolinas
National MS Society, Eastern NC

if you want any additional information or you have any questions/comments/concerns...just let me know! i'll be happy to answer them for you.

thank you guys for your support! :)


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