Saturday, August 20, 2011


keith and i have decided to do the MS mud run.

it is a boot camp style run.
this means mud. dirt. obstacles. costumes. it will be slippery and sloshy. and oh yeah, its 6 miles.

but it's all for a good cause. to support the National MS society!

once we get registered and have a team and everything, I'll post the information for you guys.

but back to the event. it's on september 24th. we decided 5 weeks prior to such a race that we are going to run a 6 mile race. scratch that. a 6 mile muddy race. if i had to run 6 miles tomorrow, i'd never make it.
the good news: we've made a training plan to get us to 6 miles by the 24th. plus, this is a race with obstacles. so it's not a traditional race. so when i get tired, i'll have a stopping point to climb through a pit of mud 6 feet deep. or something restful like that.

the bad news: it's a 6 mile race filled with muddy obstacles. what the hell have i signed up for?! so basically this kind of race is just prolonging the agony of the race.

but let me be real with you guys for a minute...and only a minute, so read fast. but seriously, i have been trying to find motivation to get back into exercising for months. and i couldn't find it anywhere. i wasn't motivated to do anything. running? boring. biking? no thanks. swimming...when it's 100 degrees? that doesn't sound refreshing...i'll pass.

by registering for an event or race that you want to do or are excited become MOTIVATED!!! i am motivated to get moving and running! and to get my body into shape and to be healthier.
now, i am slightly scared about this race. but also excited. it's a team event. plus it's designed to be fun. they encourage costumes for crying out loud. so it's going to be a big sloppy mess. and it's going to be awesome.

so, i am inviting all and any who want to come watch this ridiculous mess that will make all mom's cringe at the thought of the clean up.

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Jenn & David said...

Good Luck Kendra! can't wait to hear all about it. And we are glad that you are posting more on your blog! :)