Monday, August 15, 2011

if you don't you know.

these are some of the reasons why i started a blog:

* to tell funny stories of ridiculous shit that happens to me. because let's face it, ridiculous stuff is always happening to me. hence the name of the blog.
* to rant. sometimes i am upset/bothered/annoyed. thus i rant.
* to share stories of my life. things i have been up to...just in case you are interested.
* to share my (hopefully) thought provoking points of view.
* to share news. (i.e., our wedding!!)

any of these reasons may lead to information you may not agree with or enjoy. BUT, i hope that most of it is information and stories that you do like and do enjoy.

i don't expect every reader of my blog to love everything i post. i can't agree with everyone all the time. but what i also love about having a blog and people reading it, is that i don't feel that i have to censor myself. i love that i can express my opinion and tell my stories in such a way that i get my point across without offending anyone. because my goal as a writer is not to offend people, but just to share my thoughts, wonderments, amusements and happenings. as that i know my fellow bloggers wish to do the same.

and i hope that you all continue to enjoy my blog for years to come :)

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