Monday, August 1, 2011

"home" again...

keith and i took our first married get away this weekend. and married trips are sooooooo different than engaged trips. seriously, it was totally different. i mean it.

we traveled to the far away land of greensboro, north carolina. heard of it? we had just had a crazy, stupid week. getting out of town was a must.
and what a perfect excuse...natty greene's 7th anniversary party! if you know us at all, natty's is, like, our fave. total fave. it's our old stomping grounds, you know, they are our jam. we were fans way back when it only existed in greensboro; when they were just small potatoes. we like to think we're the reason they had to expand to raleigh. after all, once we moved from greensboro, so did they. coincidence? i think not.

anyway, any excuse to get back to greensboro, i am all over it. i miss that city. greensboro will always be near and dear to my heart. it was me and keith's first home. awwwwww...
sooo, off we went. it was perfect. we forgot about all the ridiculous shit that is going on in raleigh. we got to hear some moderately good, free music....drink great beer and eat delicious food. plus, we might have found our new favorite drink!
i don't know what it's called, but i do know what's in it: peach schnapps, chambord, and champagne. delish! i also found out that LITs are pretty damn awesome when made correctly. versus made with random amounts of tons of different liquors. which is how i drank many LITs during my early 20s.

on sunday we drove around uncg. it's completely different. and it's only been 3 years! they are gutting 6 dorms to renovate and add classrooms and faculty living facilities to them.  the university decided to maintain the existed exterior structure to preserve the history and look of campus. how awesome is that? stay true to your school. there is a new building for the school of education that is just massive. there is another brand new dorm with classrooms on the ground floor. so you never have to leave home to go to class! how amazing! we wanted to get some uncg paraphernalia, but the student bookstore was closed :(
so instead, we just brought home lots of natty greene's beer. what else did you expect? sure we can get natty's locally. but raleigh definitely doesn't have all of the flavors that greensboro has. so, we got what we couldn't have at home.

it was a quick trip, but something we enjoyed. we feel rejuvenated. i can't wait for more trips. especially if it's centered around beer ;)

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