Monday, August 1, 2011

the house rests quietly now...

life changes.

no matter how much we want it to stay the same. it changes. right when we are comfortable with how life is, she changes on us. she surprises us and takes us on a whole new ride. sometimes we aren’t expecting these changes. sometimes we are, yet even when they happen we aren’t quite sure how to deal with them.

my family dog passed away last week. we knew it was coming. she was 14 years old. despite minor health issues, she was still plugging along. so when it happened so suddenly, i don’t think any of us were quite ready for it.

life changes.

so now after 14 years with this amazing furry, black family member, we have to figure out how to move on. how to continue without her. we have to decide what to do with this life change. how do we cope? how do we manage this loss, that even though we knew it was coming, it still was a shock and harder to absorb than ever imagined.

pets are amazing additions to a family. they bring laughter. frustration. companionship. training. obedience. loyalty. unconditional love.
so what do we do when we lose a pet? a pet that was so loud when neighbors went by. a pet that was so excited when you came in the door...every single time. a dog that followed you to bed every single night. a dog that was a part of your daily routine, from start to finish.
how do we fill those voids? what fills the silences and the empty house?

life changes.

when life changes, usually time is the only one who can tell what the future holds. time will soften the pain and help us find solace knowing that she is in a better place. she is peaceful and happy.
time will help us find ways to move on and to fill the silence and voids.

life changes.

RIP bailey 07.25.11, we will love you always

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Jaxon said...

Ah Bailey, the dog I never wanted that I enjoyed so much.