Thursday, June 2, 2011


we did it. we tied the knot. we got MARRIED!!!

it was the best day of my life. so far. and the best week of my life.

it was so amazing that there are really no words to describe it. our family and friends made our day and week soooo incredibly amazing. we could not have done it without them.
it all began with the help of my parents with our engagement. they helped keith be sooo sneaky to completely surprise me with his proposal.

and from there we planned our "perfect dream" wedding. it was everything i every imagined it to be!!

we were at a special place to us: the outer banks.

we were on the beach....

we had a dog run through our ceremony....

and as keith said that would happen to "only us."

we represented our pirate nation and pirate hearts well...purple and gold were everywhere...even on our feet!

we danced the night away...

and did the "best exit eva"....or so i'm told ;)

yes, i jumped in the pool in my wedding dress :)

it was all we every could have asked for! we had the greatest time with everyone who was there. and like all brides and grooms say, we wish we could have had more time with everyone. it all went by soooooo fast. we tried to just enjoy each moment and live in and relish each moment. but it still just flies by.
after our wedding day we spent the week at the beach with our family and friends who stayed with us. it was a wonderful week of relaxing, sight seeing, eating out, staying up late, and "vinsonalizing". it was AWESOME.  

i miss it all. i told keith the other day that i miss our wedding. i would live every week of my life just like our wedding week if i could :)

it was a fairy tale.

Mrs. Sales :)

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Jenn & David said...

what an amazing day for you both. And I LOVE the fact that you ended the night by jumping into the pool. :)