Sunday, May 8, 2011

moving the next step.

may 2011.

this might could be the best month of my life. so far.
let me give you some details as to why this month is so awesome...

may 4th: i passed my national certification exam for recreational therapy!!! the certification is called NCTRC, which stands for nation council for therapeutic recreation certification.

may 6-7th: graduation! mostly for keith, who is now a doctor of physical therapy. that's right, it's now doctor sales. i am so proud of him!! i also "walked" in my graduation ceremony. i am finished with all of my course work to complete my master's in recreational therapy administration. i have to complete my thesis and internship to obtain my degree in december. my internship starts in august. so hopefully i'll get my thesis done in the mean time.

may 11th: keith has his first 'real' job interview. he is nervous. i tell him he shouldn't be. but i know it's hard. but i am just so proud of him to have completed his schooling and now he gets to move onto the next phase of his dreams. working (haha)! but more importantly, doing something he wants to be doing.

may 13th: we head to the outer banks to start our WEDDING WEEK!!!! i am so ready!!

may 15th: OUR WEDDING!! (which is one week from today!). i can't believe it's finally here. after all that we have been through this semester. not bad's just been crazy busy. all good, amazing stuff. and it's all finally ending and coming together. i just can't believe it. i am so excited!!!!!!!!! :) ♥

may 14-21st: wedding week. we'll spend the ENTIRE week at the OBX. it's going to be awesome. we will have our rehearsal dinner and wedding, then get to spend the rest of the week relaxing and hanging out with our family and friends. we couldn't be more excited! i know, i keep saying the word "excited", but i just can't help it.

after our wedding week, we come home to pack up our lives to RALEIGH!
i can't believe that after being in one place for 3 years, we are moving. moving. and to think, i haven't lived in raleigh in almost 5 years. as much as i didn't want to move back to my home town, i am really looking forward  to it.

and somewhere during all of this ryan and stephen bought a house and ryan just got promoted! i don't remember the exact dates, but i do know that it's all happened within the last month. so it makes everything pretty damn exciting. because all of this good news and growth is everywhere!

none of this seems real. none of it seems like it's happening. but it all is. everything is coming together. almost perfectly. it is amazing. and we're just trying to suck it all up and enjoy every freaking moment of it!!

so, here's to the next step! for anyone who may have a life changing event...moving, babies, a promotion. congratulations to you!
and a big congratulations to the graduates. good luck with your future endeavors. i know you all will be great at whatever you do. because as we heard yesterday...."you can care, you will care, you do care."


Jenn & David said...

can't tell you how excited I am for you all Kendra! Congratulations to you and Dr. Sales and we will be praying for you as you prepare for your upcoming wedding!

KENDRA said...

thank you jenn! your sweet words mean the world to me! we'll post some pictures as soon as we can to share our special day :)