Thursday, March 24, 2011

why does age 30 have to change things?

i saw this on facebook today:

"If you are 30+ under no circumstances should you be living w/ mommy! If you have full use of your limbs and mental capacity, there is no excuse. Just in case you didn't know, now you do!"

for some reason it really fired me up. i mean really. i am still pissed off. here's why: who is this person to judge...ANYONE? 

we all are fighting a tough battle. some days are easier than others. some days are awesome. but some days are really, really tough. and some tough days are a bunch of tough days all in a row. that lead to you needing help from.....your mom. *gasp!* 

i am 30 years old. there will be times when i will call my mom multiple days in a row. what's wrong with that? nothing, if you ask me. i'll call her as much as i want (and as much as she'll matter how old i am). what's age got to do with it?
however, if you ask some others (like the person who posted the nasty statement quoted above), they might disagree. 

everyone has different standards for their life. and that is wonderful. however, whatever my standards are for life, i certainly don't hold anyone else to them. i wouldn't expect anyone else to live the way i want or chose to live. if you want all means, go ahead. the choice is yours. but i would never expect you to nor hold it against you if you didn't meet the standards of my life.

with that said, it is not fair or necessary to judge another person's life based on yours. all of our lives are so vastly different. it makes no sense to compare and judge others. 
you do what you do. and i do what i do. 
that is what makes us all so amazing...that we all are different. that we all strive to be and do different things.

and if adversity strikes, it is nice to know that some of us have our mommy's couch to sleep on.


Windot said...

Thanks for the post! I agree! I seriously talk to my mom every day! And AS A MOM, I would hope that when my kids get older that they would know that they are always welcomed at our house, no matter the age!

Daniel and Robin said...

i don't know where i'd be if i couldn't call my mom constantly and sometimes go curl up her sofa just because i need to. at 26, married, with a kid i'm guessing whoever wrote that would REALLY think i'm pathetic...whatevs! maybe that person doesn't have moms as awesome as ours??? thanks for posting!!