Thursday, March 24, 2011

hello again :)

hello bloggerverse.

i know it's been awhile. i feel like my life owns me. i am constantly busy with school. thesis writing. wedding planning. hockey. visiting friends.
you name, i am doing it. i am not here to complain one bit about it all. i am just letting you know why i've neglected you so.

the major thing on my mind these days: OUR WEDDING! after all, it is only 52 days away.
i am not stressed by it. i am excited and ready to celebrate with our friends and family! i feel like there are more loose ends than i'd like. but it'll all work itself out. it has to....right?
it's the most important and best and awesomest day of our lives. i just can't wait. so i know that if the minor things don't get taken will still be awesome. and probably no one will even notice anyways.
and i haven't really blogged about our wedding because i want it to kind of be a surprise to all that will be there to share our big day. i mean, i have no problems telling anyone things about our day or about plans that we've made....if they ask. but i feel like that if there are a few surprises, it'll make it more fun and exciting!
and you know after the wedding there will be plenty of pictures! :o)

so, that is my story. i feel like i have lots to share. but not much...all at the same time.

until next time....

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Jenn & David said...

52 days away? Seems like it is going by so fast! Can't wait to hear all the details. I know you will be a beautiful bride!