Monday, February 7, 2011

ALL-star weekend

in a nutshell, all-star weekend: AWESOME.
i really have no other words to describe it. it was worth every second. every line we had to wait in. every moment of exhaustion, frustration, anxiety. all of it was worth it. because it was AWESOME.

our pictures really tell the story the best. i'll try not to take up too much blog space with the details. but here we gooooo!
FRIDAY: we hurried into town to go to the NHL fan fair at the convention center downtown.

all NHL team flags inside the convention center. we admired these as we waited in line.

Staal greeted us as we entered the fan fair.

Cam Ward's trophy. I mean, the Conn Smythe.

we hung out with the Stanley Cup. no big deal.

Us :)

 moving onto SATURDAY: we got up early. and headed back downtown. this time to the NHL wideopen. it was the street fair. we had a lot of fun here.

Jeff Skinner was there to greet us. in person. ok, not really. i mean, he was there, but he didn't exactly talk to us.

sledding hill. there had to be something to make the yankees feel at home.

it was 50+ degrees. i was clearly dressed incorrectly. i look like i am ready for a blizzard.

only dan would sled with a beer in hand at noon.

goofing around....

it's what we do best.

us. after the beer garden. which was definitely the best part of the street fair.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: we spent our time at the RBC center. you know, typical hockey stuff. tailgating. seeing famous hockey players up close and personal. and watching hockey. it's what we do.

SUNDAY: by sunday we were starting to feel the pains of exhaustion. or our livers. it was tough to get up and get moving. but we did. all in the name of hockey.

Team Lidstrom (Blue) vs. Team Staal (White) during the national anthems.

the view from the top.


It was a hell-of-a-weekend. shewwww. just talking about it makes me tired. but we had a blast and would do it all over again.
and we are glad that we got to see four of our hurricanes play and compete as all-stars. that was pretty amazing too :)

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