Monday, February 14, 2011

perceptions change.

so. i read the east carolinian today. it's our student newspaper. it typically is very good. and was again today. however, there was an opinion article that really got my attention. I'm in college...I can do what I want.
i am assuming the writer is either a freshman or sophomore, based on their opinions of college classroom policies and expectations. and many of the things they wrote about, i probably would have agreed with my freshman or sophomore years of college as well.
so it made me think of why does college have this perception of FREEDOM!!! whoooo!!!! don't get me wrong, college is different than high school, but with college comes responsibilities. sure you (or your parents) pay to be there, and you feel that because you paid for this education you are entitled to FREEDOM!!! and can do whatever the hell you want. but remember, this was your choice. so whatever comes with college, hey, you signed up for it. so quit complaining.
this article makes it seem like with college respect and responsibilities are cast to the way side. ummm....why did you go to college in the first place? to play? to goof around? to not get anything out of it? just like there are rules in a high school class room, there are rules and expectations in a college classroom. if anything, there should be more. you are an adult. more should be expected of you. you chose to go to college. if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

now, these words may seem harsh coming from a person who has been in college for over a decade. but hey, i love college just that much!
and i get that college is fun. and yes, enjoy the fun part of college (extra-curriculars, football games, friends, parties, etc). but when it comes to the classroom...whereas it can be fun, it should be taken seriously and respected. professors should be respected. they are teaching you for a reason. they are experts in the field that they are teaching you. so respect their expectations and rules, whether you love them or not.
because when you step foot into the real world and have to lead a group of people, you will understand just how important respect, rules and expectations are. especially if your group chooses to ignore them.

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