Wednesday, November 10, 2010

where it is today...

it's been over ten years.

i keep rewriting this blog to try to say in the most perfect way how my life is now. and how epilepsy impacts it.

it's ten years later.

i am alive.
my seizures are well-controlled. they do not control my life.
i do most things i want to do.
i have an amazing support system of family and friends.
i am almost finished with my masters degree and i get excited about the professional career that lies ahead of me.
my fiance takes better care of me than i could ever imagine and hope for. he reminds me of my limits and helps me to put me first, sometimes.
traveling is one of my favorite things to do.
we have two dogs. and two cats.
we are getting married in may!
my last seizure were on june 19th, 2010.
i laugh everyday.
keith and i are ridiculous everyday.
i love music and being outside.
randomness excites me.
i am nothing but a big kid.

i have huge dreams and can't wait for tomorrow. i have learned how to manage my epilepsy. it's not a huge part of my life. it's not ALL of me, it's just a small part of me. epilepsy doesn't own me. i own epilepsy.

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