Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i never told you guys....

why i love statistics.

in my first post this month about my epilepsy, i mentioned that when i first started having seizures i was in a statistics class. which i hated. but now my scholarly and nerdy self has come to love it.


part of me doesn't really know.

but part of me (this is going to get wayyyyyy deep) relates back to those days of my hatred of stats. and where i am now. i was two very different people. seizures and statistics have changed my life. well, the former more than the latter. but between my first seizure and my most recent (which has been 10 years), i have taken a total of FOUR, yes four collegiate statistics classes (one at the graduate level). sure i am bragging just a little bit. but you see, each time i took this class (no, it wasn't because i failed it the previous time)....i started to love it. and i couldn't believe it. i love statistics. and i only know the smallest fraction there is to know about the whole world of stats.
and the more i do research for my graduate program...guess what? the more statistics i find. and the more i love to see them there.
ok. this nerdiness has gone on way too long.

the point is: seizures and epilepsy have changed my life. they have probably saved my life. in some weird way. which i'll detail on in another blog, on another day.
epilepsy led me down my life path...which led me through four stats classes.

and now i have another skill and possibly career option (research??) that i was never even considering.

thank you stats, i love you.

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