Thursday, October 28, 2010

so much to little time.

so. we're getting married.
i'm writing a thesis.
i am taking 12 hours of graduate credits.
i work 20 hours a week.

above all of this: i am not complaining. there are days when i feel overwhelmed and that my entire world is going to cave in on me. seriously. i just know it. everything is just going to crush me. like there is no way i can manage all of it.

but then there are days that excite me. i am so excited about our wedding. we have most of the big stuff taken care of. which has relieved a lot of stress. my thesis is stressful, but thanks to a prof who made me create a timeline, it somehow seems less stressful now that i have a plan. plus doing my own research project is exciting! it's mine. all mine. and all of the graduate work is exciting in its own rite. i chose this, so naturally it excites me. most of the time.

so today, i am somewhere inbetween excited and overwhelmed. i feel relieved to accomplish everything i needed to this week, but i know there is still more to do for next week. i had a busy week, with another busy week right around the corner. however, i feel like i have to take 5 minutes for myself to just relax and to just breathe. otherwise i will be crushed by everything that is going on around me.

there are a thousand lists and "things to do" swirling around in my head. they'll get done. or forgotten. haha.

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