Thursday, September 23, 2010

words to live by

i watch my friends, family and perfect strangers raise their children. sometimes i am awed at what wonderful children they have raised. or at what harmony existed among the parents and child. then there are other times when my jaw hits the floor in shock. when i see a child talking back to their mother or causing an unnecessary scene in public and the parents just let it occur. or when i see parents mistreat their child through neglect or verbal abuse.

i am lucky to have been around all of this plus to have worked with children for 10 years, it's taught me how i want to raise, or not raise my own children.


those are all just words, i know. but they are important words that i want my children, one day, to know. and to live by. i want them to have a piece of all of those words that will help to make them an amazing little person. and if they were a little bit ridiculous, i think we'd be ok with that too ;o)

again, no i am not pregnant. i am just a great people watcher. it's kind of what i got my degree in.'s just a fancy word for people watching. anyway, there are just so many things that i see about parenting that i like and dislike. i guess i felt it necessary to share what i want and desire for my day. or if not share, at least write it down for my own benefit, to maybe reference one day. it's a pretty simple plan, i know. but that's the way i like it. simple makes it easy. and the easier the better.

and if you talked to my main man, he'd probably agree with most, if not all, of the words on my list. that's what makes us such a great team :o)

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Jenn & David said...

You are so right Kendra! And let me tell you that faith and the power of prayer have been our foundation for JD. It is amazing how much David and I have learned becoming parents and I know that you will be an amazing one when that day comes.