Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the workout has begun...sort of.

as mentioned in my last blog, i said am going to start working out again. and i'd blog about it. until i fall of the wagon...............

well, yesterday was day numero uno. as usual the workout didn't get done during it's scheduled time. that is why on so many days...i simply don't workout. it's like "ohhh, i've got too much going on, i'm tired now...i'd rather watch tv and eat ice cream. ahh screw working out. i'll do it tomorrow." tomorrow comes and goes. a similar excuse is always in the mix. and so the cycle continues.

BUT! yesterday, even though i was busy and tired and would have rather had ice cream, i worked out! it wasn't for as long as i desired or needed, but hey, a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing. so i did a medium-intensity bike ride for 20 minutes. because let's be honest, i am not in shape for any kind of high-intensity workouts...yet.

and i was proud of myself for squishing it into my schedule. it makes me that much more motivated to do the same the next time i feel pressed for time.

yet it was kind of silly of me to begin a new workout regime on a monday because tuesdays are my rest day. why? you ask. because i have a 12-hour day between being at work and in class. there simply is no time for working out. so, i got myself all jazzed up and excited about working out......to have to wait until tomorrow.

let's just hope all motivation is not lost.

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