Sunday, September 19, 2010

the favorite, materialistic superfan

i've got some thoughts. rants. comments. none of these go together, but i didn't feel that they each were worthy of their own blog. plus they are all thoughts of mine right now. sooo, why not share all of them with you at once?!

first, the "superfan" annoys me. what do i mean by superfan? it's the fan that cheers for every team. of every sport. how can you love every team? every day of the week? do you just feel the need to have a team to cheer for? i just don't understand it. how can you always have yet another team that you want to win?
i have 3 to 5 teams i cheer for. but really just three. and the top three are not related to each other. so, that means i have ONE team for a particular sport. case in point: i am a carolina hurricanes fan. an ECU pirates fan. and i am a cowboys fan.
i don't like any other NFL team for any other reason. not because of my fiance. or my best friend. or that tom brady looks sexy this week. i have a slight interest in the chargers because of philip rivers. and is because he went to NC state. and i went to state. which is another one of my sort of teams. i have kind of abandoned NC state since i've moved on. pirates!! arrrgghhh.
so you see, really it's just three. the other two hardly count. and if they play either the pirates or the cowboys, then that is who i am cheering for.

materialism. this annoys me. i probably don't even need to say another thing about it. you all know what it means. you can take it or leave it on if you agree. i just hate how people start to act differently when "stuff" starts to define them.

i am tired of worrying about how my success or failures effects other people. or if they don't effect anyone. it's my life and i'll live it how i see fit. again, you can take it or leave it. i know i have awesome people around me who are always going to take it...and that is enough for me.

favoritism. it has it's place. i have my favorite kind of ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough) and my favorite TV show to fall asleep to (friends). but there are places where favoritism can be a bit misplaced. mostly when it comes to relationships. work. family. even pets. it's especially difficult on the one who is not favored. i understand that certain people may be favored for whatever reason...better hair, make-up, clothes. but when it comes to loved ones and important relationships, is having a favorite really that important? can't you just enjoy or love the people in your life for their differences and what separates them; what makes them unique? versus using that as a reason for making one better than the other. i see this around me and it really hurts my heart. because everyone involved in the relationship brings amazing things to it. unfortunately those blinded by "the favorite" will never get to see it.

i am going to start working out again this week. i'll keep you posted on my progress. i figured if i blog about it, maybe that will help keep me accountable. or if things don't go well, maybe i just won't blog about it ;o)

that's all for now! thanks for listening!

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