Thursday, September 16, 2010

NEWS! no, i'm not pregnant.

ohhhh blog. how i have neglected you.
please forgive me.

so, i have some pretty amazing news. except i am not sure what to do with it....yet. i have been offered a graduate assistantship for the spring 2011 semester....andddd summer session 1. It's an amazing position because I will get to help with research, build a program in the community, and hopefully use all of this for my thesis. yay!
the catch: we were hoping to be out of greenville by middle of may 2011. and well, summer session 1 ends at the end of june.
so, really not a HUGE inconvenience. but yet it is. it will delay my internship. and if i delay my intership, it will push back our wedding. again, not a huge deal...but still. it could delay keith obtaining a job. it delays us getting settled...where ever the hell that might be.
anyway. it's an amazing opportunity that really is just going to delay other plans. sooo, in the grand scheme of life...what's the rush? right?

after briefly talking to keith about it...i think i'm going to do it. it'll be good for me. professionally. i'll get to learn more about my field. which i feel i so desperately need. i'll get to work side-by-side with an RT agency to learn more and more about RT. so, only good things can come of this. (a job, perhaps?!)

so if it delays other things, it may ultimately just be leading to lots of really great other things too. so, whatever is getting delayed, well, they'll still be there.

PLUS: keith has some pretty amazing things going on for him professionally too that just might keep us in greenville FOR-EV-ER. hahaha, just kidding. not forever. but maybe for longer than we could have ever nightmared about.

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