Thursday, September 9, 2010

hate me. hate yourself.


9 years.

this tragic anniversary serves us as a day of many purposes.

to remember.
to mourn.
to celebrate saved lives.
to see how far we've come in 9 years.
to think about where we want to be and what we want to do in the next 9 years.
to rejoice in america!

it is not a day to hate. to continually divide ourselves from other nations, cultures and beliefs. especially those who we share our own backyards with.

burning another religion's holy book does nothing positive. it moves us no further away from 9.11 and the original causes of it. it only adds fuel to the fire. it is a level of radialism and extremist. something we have been fighting for 9 years.

just seeing the sign "Quran burning day 09.11" on the news made me sick to my stomach. and i am not even a religious person.
it's the hate that makes me hurt.
when did we become such hateful people?

on a smaller scale, there are plenty of people that have done me wrong and hurt me dearly. but would i set something that is sacred to them on fire? ummm no. that is fucking crazy.

and the only point that would make is that i am fucking crazy. so, that person basically now has two options: one, lash out. because they are now fucking pissed off at me. because their sacred item is burned.
or two, ignore it. which is doubtful.

so, america. watch out. the islamic extremists will be coming. all because of one fucking crazy person.

when will the hate end?


Windot said...

Seriously. It bothers me immensely that a man claiming to be a Christian would do something so awful. He is giving other Christians, like myself, a bad name. Just like Islamic extremists give Islam people bad names. I pray that this "pastor" decides not to do it, because there will be HUGE consequences if he does. Ever since 2001 I no longer feel like celebrating my birthday which is on 9/11. :(

KENDRA said...


I just saw your comment. First, I am glad this "pastor" didn't go through with his ridiculous plan. And that the government and others stepped in to stop him.

But more importantly, regardless of the numerical date of your should always rejoice in it. it is YOUR day! And if it truly is too painful to celebrate on 09/11 (which, I understand)...celebrate on a different day. Because no matter what life hands us, YOU are still special and important and definitely worth celebrating! :o)