Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beachin' it

the week following our new york trip we went to litchfield beach, south carolina with my family.

perhaps i should rephrase that. more like the day after we got home from new york, we left for south carolina. so we rode in the car for 12 hours from NY. slept in at home in NC. woke up the next day to get back in the car and travel 5 hours to the beach in SC.
it was hell.
and i'll never do it again.

however, as always we had a great trip. the first night we were there keith and i were surprised with an small engagement celebration. after our usual group dinner, jane had a cake for us. it was nice to eat cake and celebrate with everyone. she also had a gift. it was so sweet and thoughtful.

this year was the hottest it's been in a long time. i mean real hot. to the point where i felt dehydrated all week. yuck.

later in the week we found that one of the "kids" is pregnant. congratulations, again, carson and amy!
and by "kids" i mean young adults. and i also mean children (and their significant others) of the parents.

we played a lot of dominoes. domino, bitch.

ken did an awesome job with the sand sculptures this year. a guy who was stuck in the mud looking for a mole. the backseat of an old a car. and giant sneakers (this was a redo from years ago, but we love it because you can put your feet in it and take a picture. it looks pretty cool).

we found out that stephen is part indian. but this is only true after he's been drinking. "thank you, please."

in me and keith's room we had two set's of bunk beds. yeah that's right, two. so we did what any normal people would do. we pushed them together and made a fort.

we went out to dinner. it took 3 hours. my food was amazing. i had blackened mahi mahi and it came with more sides and stuff than i could have ever eaten. but i am not sure any meal is worth a 3 hour wait. thanks. 

i now wish that where ever i live....i want an oceanfront balcony. it is amazing.

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