Wednesday, June 2, 2010

who do you believe in?

so, the gore's are calling it quits

after 40 years of wedded bliss. i wish i could find the article i was reading yesterday, but it said something to the effect of  "al and tipper split, what do we believe in now?"

no, the article was not referring to global warming. it was referring to love. and marriage. and of course this article had a link to a gallery of other celebrity couples that are still together. after all these years.

what is annoying about that is that i can can tell you who i can still believe in now that al and dear ol' tippy have broken up. and it's not some random celebrity couple. so get out of here seal and hiedi kulm.

it's my parents.

i don't idolize celebs. and their lives are that are seemingly always crashing to the ground. i prefer to look around me at the wonderful and amazing people that are already a part of my life.

so, back to my parents. they have been happily married for 32 years. how awesome. around the time of their anniversary last year, i published a blog about them. and how amazing i think they are. you can revisit that post HERE.

and as far as the rest of my family, all of my aunts and uncles have all been married for around that same amount of time. i can't remember who was married first or when or where. i was just a wee tike (or perhaps just a mere thought of being a wee tike). so, i have my entire family to believe in.
plus i have two beautiful cousins who are happily married. sure, one is a very newlywed, but you gotta start somewhere! but my other cousin (lori) has been married for almost 5 years (right?)! wow!

and i am also a very lucky lady to be a part of another wonderful and amazing family because of my sweetie (of 4 1/2 years). and of just the family i know (because apparently there are a lot more of them!) the same story rings true. all aunts and uncles are still married to the same person they married so many years ago. in fact, keith's aunt laraine and uncle johnny will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary this weekend! and les and ralph just celebrated their 30th!
how incredible.
so, here is another family i can believe in. for wedded bliss. love. happiness. and faith in marriage.

and with all of this love around me, it's no wonder i have found a man that i love with my whole heart who loves me just as much. and even though i believe in our families, i believe in us too!

marriages fail. and that is ok. however, when you need encouragement and reassurance for your own relationships, there is no reason to look outside the family and life you already have. because i am sure you probably have some pretty incredible and inspirational people around you to remind you what love is all about.


Cathy said...

You are SOOOOO sweet!!!

Lori said...

Well said! I also feel blessed with such great role models in our family! And yes, it was 5 years on June 18th:)