Monday, May 17, 2010

itch. itch. itch.

i am registered for two summer school classes. one included an 8-day "field" trip to 5 different facilities to learn about and assess their accessibility and facilities for people with disabilities.

today i was supposed to leave on said field trip. instead i am still in southport. (insert huge sad face). starting late friday afternoon i started to break out in red itchy bumps. it has slowly spread over the truck of my body. it is horribly uncomfortable.
i went to the doctor yesterday to hopefully find a cause and a cure to my discomfort. she suggested that it is bed bugs. i completely disagree. yes, i was sleeping in a new bed last week, but the irritation did not start until after sleeping in a new bed for an entire week. and it got worse after i left the environment (we left southport for the weekend. you know, to bring me back to greenville to go on said trip). so i think the urgent care doc was a little off base. plus, she had determined it was bed bugs before she even examined me. way to go doc.
and lucky me, i cannot use antihistamines to relieve my itching. soooo, i am stuck. the medicine the doc prescribed is only making me itchier. ahhhh!

sooo, this is why i didn't go on the trip. i am totally uncomfortable. apparently nothing is soothing to my itchiness. so, i didn't want to be miserable for 8 days while i was away from home. at least while i am home, i can kind of comfort myself with the luxuries of loose clothes and oatmeal baths. these two things are the only things that are providing any sense of relief. oh, and aloe helps a little too.

plus, now i must figure out what the HELL is going on. any suggestions/thoughts are definitely welcome!

please send happy thoughts and warm wishes my way!!


Steven & Kimberly said...

how long have you had the rash? Did you get it after being in the sun all day? B/c I get a HORRIBLE red itchy rash whenever I go lay out in the sun, and the doctor said it's just heat rash.... but it is the most itchy, painful, uncomfortable rash ever.

I hope it goes away soon and you can find a cause!

KENDRA said...

keith's aunt is a nurse and heat rash is the only thing she can come up with that really makes any sense. i mean, the past week i have been outside in the heat and sun more....
but at this point, who knows!!

and thank you...i hope it goes away soon too!