Sunday, June 27, 2010


it all began four and half years ago at a carolina hurricanes hockey game. but most of you know that. if you want a recap of our history click HERE.

our new chapter began innocently enough with a planned beach trip with my parents. or at least i thought so. we had already gone to carolina beach with my parents a few weeks prior, so when the opportunity presented itself for us to meet them out there again, for a "free" trip that my dad got from his rewards program, i thought nothing of it.

i had been pumped about the trip since mom called and asked me if we wanted to go. little did i know it was all a set up. it all ended up being perfect timing too. i really needed to see my parents after the week i had just had (see previous blog).

so, we met mom and dad early saturday morning to start our day on the beach. it was already super hot. we set up camp (AKA the tent and our chairs). then dad kind of insisted that i go down to the water with him. i found it slightly odd that he was kind of demanding about this, but not too weird since it feel like my skin was boiling and getting in the water would put the fire of my skin out.
little did i know that during my pleasant conversation with my dad, mom was showing and telling keith where the ring was hidden so i wouldn't find it. keith was like "let's just do this now." he put the ring in the left side pocket of his bathing suit. and him and mom came down to the water to talk with us.

at some point during the conversation, keith suggests that we go on a walk to collect sea shells. this is because two days earlier our stupid ass dogs decided to eat the sea shells off the window sill at aunt L and uncle J-man's house. of course they weren't really upset about the sea shells. and i am sure somewhere down there, keith genuinely wanted to collect shells to replace the ones our pain-in-the-ass dogs conveniently ate.
i tell him i need to put on sun screen before we do that. plus i wasn't feeling like going for a walk since we just got there. i wanted to hang out with my parents. but keith was persistent. "let's just go get the shells we don't have to worry about it later...blah blah blah."

so we go back to the tent, i put on sunscreen. then this guy comes by advocating no offshore drilling. and wants us to sign a petition to obama. sure. no problem buddy. then my dad conveniently takes a "before" picture. i didn't know. i just thought he wanted a picture of us. all these distractions from our walk and i'm quickly losing interest in the whole idea.

we finally get on our way. we're talking. and i'm actually looking for shells. like an idiot. keith seems tense. i ask him what's wrong. he says nothing. i thought maybe dad had said something to him at the tent that upset him because he seemed anxious to leave. but i let it go. as we are walking, keith stays on my left side. however, i tried to switch sides to get more into the water since, as i already mentioned, it was hotter than hell. as soon as i did that, he immediately switched back. i was like "why did you do that? you weren't even walking in the water." he made up some lame excuse about wanting to walk in the water too. turns out the ring was in his left side pocket and he didn't want me anywhere near it. hence, i had walk on his right side.
sooo, we're walking and i keep picking up shells and i keep seeing this black rough shell. so i finally bend down and ask "hey, do you know what this shell is?"
and at the same time he drops to one knee and says "i don't know what kind of shell that is, but take a look at this shell." (or something like that. turns out i didn't hear this smoothly well-played line).
he then says a bunch of sweet things. and while he is talking, i was not really absorbing any of it. until he says "will you marry me?"
upon which i responded with "how did you? when did you? what?!" i think i even said "you're crazy!" before i said "of course i will marry you!"
this was all followed with some tears and 'i love yous' and more sweet nothings.

then two girls walked by and said "congratulations!"

i couldn't believe it. i was totally shocked. i mean, i always knew we'd get engaged, but we've always talked about getting married after graduation next may. so, for it to happen now. wow. i am still speechless about it.

he just reminded me of what i already knew. he is the man i want to spend the rest of my life with.

he has spent the last 2 months working on this with my parents and his. i am one lucky lady to have this amazing man who worked so hard to make our engagement so perfect. and for us to share our engagement day with my parents. that made it even more special and memorable.

mom and dad, thank you so much for being a part of our day. you both truly made it amazing!

keith, i love you so very much and i cannot wait to start (and continue) our lives together. i am so excited about us and our future together!


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Yay! Congrats! We're so happy for you. We can't wait for your wedding!:)