Sunday, January 3, 2010

its a new year...

ahhhh. 2010.

i am happy you are here.

and as i anxiously await to start my new year, i think...i am lucky to have time to enjoy a slow beginning to my wild and crazy life.

i am still on vacation. i will finally return "home" in a few days. i start graduate school in 5 days. graduate school.

i have had the BEST vacation a girl could ask for.

i graduated at the top of my class (yes, i will brag about that). i was showered with more love and praise than i ever thought i deserved. and i got to celebrate my graduation with my favorites doing one of my favorite things: going to a hockey game. when its below freezing out. ok, so the cold isn't my favorite, but it made for a more interesting time.

i celebrated another birthday. where my parents surprised me with an awesome gift. and, in case you were wondering, i am not getting older....only better.

we celebrated two christmases. with my two favoritest families. and even though each christmas was different from the other, they both we equally amazing and fun-filled.

i soaked up lots of quality brother/sister time. there is definitely not enough of that in my life.

i rang in the new year with more dear friends that i never see enough. we ate too much and stayed up too late. but it was all worth it.

and i went to more hurricanes game than i ever thought possible in a 10 day period. to the point that i am almost tired of hockey games. almost.

so yes, i have loooooved every minute of my vacation. but it has come time for it to end. i am ready for regularity back in my life. i am ready to embrace all that 2010 has in store for me. i am ready to continue to chasing my dreams.

so, happy new year! i wish you all the best year you've ever had!!

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