Sunday, November 29, 2009

white house crashers

did you hear about the white house crashers?! if not, here is a link to a story about one man's opinion on what should happen to the party crashers.
White House Crashers

now for a brief summary: this couple crashed the white house thanksgiving dinner with india's prime minister as the main dinner guest.

i chose the particular story above to link because this writer is freakin' pissed and i disagree with some of what the writer has to say.

i agree that there was HUGE security breach.
i agree that this breach needs to be investigated.
i also agree that the president's safety was potentially at risk. and that is not OK.

what i disagree with is that this writer says these crashers "embarrassed the president in his own home" and "disgraced the secret service".
these statements may be true.
however, the writer presents it in a way that something wayyyyy more serious happened than two party-goers sneaking into a party they weren't supposed to be at.

the fault really isn't of the crashers. if you think about it...they pulled off the best crash of all time. until they posted pics on facebook. or however the socialites were revealed.
they really didn't do anything wrong. they got dressed up and went out. they were chummy with the pres and v. pres. enjoyed free drinks and food and probably did some dancing.
sounds like a pretty awesome night.
and i guarantee you their goals did not included embarrassment and disgrace. they wanted publicity. and publicity they got!!

so, the fault is really that of the secret service. if they can't keep innocent, fun-loving party crashers out of the white house, who can they keep out? that is the real issue at hand. who is protecting our pres?
i mean, i don't even like the guy, but i want the men who are supposed to protect him doing their damn job. plus if they can't protect him, then who can protect our country? it's like a trickle down effect.

and plus, if the Salahi's can get past the secret service, perhaps they are the ones who need to be IN the secret service. they seem pretty secret to me.

so save some tax-payers money and don't waste time investigating the wrong people. leave mr. and mrs. crasher alone. spend the money on what really needs to be investigated: system breakdown in the secret service.
maybe the SS doorman had already had his fair share of free martinis. 

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Ryan said...

the party crashers were trying to get onto a reality show and i'm sure this is a stunt that was preconceived. some likened it to the "balloon boy" that was all planned out before it happened. thankfully for the secret service and the president nothing bad happened, but it easily could have. even our own president isn't safe in his own house, how sad.