Sunday, October 4, 2009

mysteries of college

things i will never understand about college:

why people wear their pajamas to class. not sweatpants or yoga pants. but flannel pajamas. and plaid boxer shorts.
this is sooooo blantenly obvious that you did not take the time to change clothes once you got out of bed this morning. i understand that some days you just want to be comfortable or you just don't give a shit or you are running late. but do you really want the world to know that you are so fucking lazy that you couldn't even change out of the clothes you slept in for the past 8 hours??

the inability to text or talk on the phone AND walk.
there are so many times that someone walking in front of me will get a phone call or a text and they are so immediately distracted by this that they stop walking. i mean...really? is the text that jawdropping that you just have to stop walking?!?!

why students feel comfortable walking out in front of moving buses.
i think this explains itself. i mean, is death on their list of things to do today????

ugly ass plastic rain boots OR uggs with sweat pants stuffed in them. WTF?
although i am starting to come around to the leggings trend and i don't know why. eeepp.

why do those on wheels (bikes, skateboards) feel that it is OK to ride dangerously close to pedestrians? are they trying to run us over with their 10 speed? flipping over your bike backwards will hurt you a lot more than me lowering my shoulder into your two-wheeled vehicle. mmkay.

the campus preacher. if you go to ECU, you know what i am talking about. who died and made him king of the world? uhh, no one. so he needs to take his yelling elsewhere.

why some profs just can't be straight up with you. i mean, we are all adults here. whether we choose to act like one, is another thing. but we are all adults. so be real with the students. we pay to be here. we pay your salary, in a matter of speaking. so we expect a quality education. so meet us halfway.

the need to impress others. you know, by being cool. by being in the "in" crowd. i thought college was supposed to teach you how to be yourself. so many kids are in school for the wrong reasons.
they are there for their parents. a high paying job in a field they don't like. because it's what they are "supposed" to do right after high school.

college may have taken me a decade. but i am thankful for every minute of it. every university i've been to. i am glad i went to school full-time and part-time. i am glad i worked to pay for most of my education. i am glad i had obstacles in my way. all of this made me the woman i am today. and i am grateful for all of my experiences, good and bad.

by having a unique collegiate experience, i can definitely say, i appreciate my education far more today than i did 10 years ago.

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