Sunday, September 20, 2009


most of you know that i am in school full time.
at an institution of higher learning.

being a student at a university comes responsibilities. expectations. requirements.

now, because i am an "older" college student, i sometimes don't understand the actions of my younger peers.
for example, i don't understand the need to look like a skank while you are attending your 9am class. you know, screw me boots and a jean skirt that is so short your vagine is hanging out. i mean what is the message you are trying to convey? that you didn't make it home the night before so you had to come to class in the clothes you wore out to the bar? or that you have a job interview at the strip club after class? or that you really are just a skank?

and as an older student, i actually go to class to learn *gasp!* i enjoy my professors and actually want to hear what they have to say.

now during class, while the professor, who is a distinguished professional and scholar, is giving a lesson to the class, I do not understand why students feel that is it OK for them to interrupt.
there is no hand raising.
there is no waiting for prof to stop talking.
there is no waiting for your turn and then politely interjecting with an "excuse me" or "i have a question".

its just a cutting off of the prof and yelling of "I DON'T GET THAT!" or "WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, CAN YOU GO BACK OVER THAT?"

i mean, really?

what the hell? since when did 20-something college students think they earned the right to cut off the person who is TEACHING them? just because you are paying to be there, doesn't mean that prof earned the right for you to be a jackass. that prof has worked harder in his life that most college grads ever will. so shut up for a minute. listen to what he has to say. then raise your hand if you still have a dumb ass question.

what happened to respect? where are social graces? where are manners? who raised these children?

i mean, i am not that old. and i just don't understand "college kids" sometimes. there are days when i absolutely LOOOOVE being on a college campus. but there are days when it makes me feel stupid. because of the people i am surrounded by. it's like, how ignorant are you? or how blind are you to the way the world works? did you spend the first 18 years of your life in a box?

BTW, i don't think alllll college students are this way. i am around a lot of very intelligent, well-mannered and genuinely great people every day.

it's just those few that have to ruin it for the rest of us....

just like kanye. we forgot about the rest of the VMA's. except his jackass behavior.

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