Sunday, October 4, 2009

age old beauty

my parents were in town a couple of weekends ago.
dad wanted a picture of me and mom together. she protested. as usual.
she hates pictures. she claims that she is "ugly" or "doesn't look good because she isn't wearing making up."
dad was persistent. he said to her "you are always beautiful."

and this comment just melted my heart.

on october 15, will be my parents 32nd wedding anniversary.

32 years later, my dad still finds my mom beautiful. i find that amazing. wonderful. jawdropping.

not because i don't find my mother beautiful. but because a love like this is so rare. to spend over half of your life with a person and still love them just as much (if not more) as the day you married them is truly amazing.
to share a life with a person. to build a home. dreams. careers. children. to cope with despair. death. disappointment. illness. disease. 
and at the end of the day, 32 years later, they are still madly in love. and still see that beauty.

that is rare. that is a gift.

happy (early) anniversary mom and dad :o)
i hope in 32 years i am half as happy as you two are.


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