Thursday, August 27, 2009

run, forrest, run.

so i went running tonight.

and it felt awesome.

i haven't run in about a month. yeah, its been awful. i did all of that hard work to get in shape only to ruin it by being lazy during my break.

but no worries. i am back on the gravy train. errr, running train.

i know why people don't exercise:
its seen as boring.
its time consuming.
its inconvenient.
it takes too long to see results.
it hurts.
you have no one to exercise with.
blah. blah. blah.

HOWEVER, i feel that by having a great exercise regime two things will follow:
1. you start to love it. and miss it when its not a part of your daily life.
2. you want to eat healthier. since your body is healthier, you naturally want to take better care of it.

i will admit to my own 'falling off of the exercise wagon'. but i did continue my healthy diet. the best i could being out of my home surroundings. i mean, the dominican republic doesn't quite cook up the array of health food options that the vinson/sales household does.

and, by continuing to eat healthy, my body was like 'where's the exercise lady?' so alas, today i finally went running. and i felt so rejuvenated. and what keeps me motivated and excited about running (or working out in general) is that my workout schedule is always changing.

i think that is a HUGE reason people quit exercising. they are bored. i know that is why i quit running years ago. i hated it. i got tired of it. it was always the same. UNTIL! a few months ago one of keith's classmates introduced us to this amazing workout website. i encourage you all to try it. i will caution you, because it is tough. so don't get discouraged, just take the workouts down a notch until you get used to it. and work up to completing the entire workout.
and like i said, it is always changing. what i love about it is checking the website in wonderment of what our workout will be for the day!
i know you all are waiting in anticipation. so, the website is

andddd, if what you see is not for you. no worries! i am merely just sharing what works for me (and keith...sometimes. when he feels like it.).
my point is this: just find something or a few things you LOVE to do.
join a class: if you don't have a friend to go with you, you'll make friends there.
GET OUTSIDE. go rollerblading. ride your bike. walk your dog. play tennis.
join a rec league. its fun and you are involved in an active sport.

by being an active and healthy person, you feel better. not only physically, but mentally too.

soooo?? what are you waiting for?!!


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