Thursday, August 27, 2009

jeans, business, and paddle boats

so, what really matters?

i started thinking about it after i posed it as a question at the end of my last blog.
and of course the obvious things came to mind:
friends, family, job, school....blah blah blah.

but as i went through a day on campus and a weekend with family, i was provided with many laughs. which quickly brought me back to reality. and reminded me that i already know what really matters.
btw, i am not saying friends and family don't matter. its about what you do with them that makes them matter.

let me explain.

two things happened on campus that made me smile and reminded me what matters.

my second favorite part of the day: i was walking behind this girl and i could tell she has some writing on the back of her jeans. i was thinking "who does that anymore?" but once i saw the message, i clearly understood. it read: sexy since 1999. just like that. italics. and purple.
fucking awesome.

most favorite part of the day: i was heading to my last class. i am on the phone. i hear this loud black girl talking to her friend. and this is what i here:
"he comes over and was talking about giving me the business"
i think we all know what the 'business' is. and just imagine hearing that in a thick black girl accent. now calm down, i am not being racist. its just the way they talk. and it is important information to get my message across.
so, i am immediately tickled by this. i start laughing and then of course, must relay this message to the person i am speaking with on the phone. since i am so tickled by this, i cannot do a very good black girl voice impression. and if you know me, you know that i am very capable of this.
so i repeat what i heard. and what makes this funnier is that now other people are around me. and they hear me, with a terrible black girl voice say the same thing that girl did. so they think i was talking about getting the 'business'. and so it spiraled into more uncontrollable laughter.
i eventually have to get off the phone and go to class. and as i am walking up the stairs, i am laughing. i still think this is hilarious. i keep hearing her in my head saying "he was talking about giving me the business." i mean, i am laughing about it right now. 3 days later.
i am easily amused.

and brings me to my point. what really matters: the little things in life.

if you think those stories are meaningless. they kind of are. but they made me laugh. and brightened my day. it weird ways. but hey...that is ok.
but here is a story that is a little sweeter and slightly more cute.

we went to the lake this weekend. and once the heat of the day wore off, keith and i decided to go for a paddle boat ride. it was wonderful being out on the lake. warm summer breezes and basking in the sunshine. it was like all of our worries and stress just melted away.
BUT, from the dock we could see someone who desperately wanted to ride with us. she was standing on the far edge. as if to get as close to us as possible without jumping in.
who was this? our big furry murray. Layla.
so we paddled back to the dock. then we spent a few minutes figuring out how to get a 65 pound dog into a 2 person paddle boat. turned out she sat in the middle with her upper body on my lap while keith paddled us around. seemed fair to me.
layla was totally memorized by the water and the noises the boat made. she smiled the entire ride. she loved it.
she loved it so much that the next day when barbara and laraine went out in the paddle boat, she jumped right in! my girl is a sea dog. well, lake dog. whatever.
and who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!

its all about the little things.
remember, take it one day at a time. and enjoy every day you are given because you are never promised tomorrow.

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