Wednesday, September 9, 2009


so our student newspaper has added a "sex and relationship advice" column. it runs once a week.
i thought it would a nice and useful twist to the boring student newspaper. because lets be realistic, i can get the "real" news from CNN.

so i was reading the column online today. it was mildly humorous. but i am betting it will only get better.

when you read things online, there is a place for comments. MAN, people had A LOT to say about this column.
they were not happy about a SEX article in a college student newspaper.
it is inappropriate. and a waste of space.
the article "hurts" the reputation of ECU.
someone said they want the "youtube video of the week" article back instead. (i will say, that is almost never funny).
it promotes premarital sex. **GASP!!**

this outraged me. for many reasons.
we are in the 21st century.

people have sex. it is the way of the world. whether you like it or not. there is no reason to not encourage it because people are going to do it. the best thing you can does is teach SAFE SEX.

talking about sex is not inappropriate. by not talking about, this is when young people do stupid things that get them in trouble. so talk about it. and if they have to learn about it from a friendly newspaper article so be it.

what the hell is wrong with people? getting upset about a sex article when they are probably having sex?!?!?!

and as far as the university reputation. we've had a bad rap for years. deal with it.
we've got all kinds of knick names and things we are known for. we're pirates for crying out loud! and what do pirates do? drink! and what happens when you drink? sex.
soooo. our school is already known for being drunk and easy. hence the name easyu.
the article had nothing to do with it.

maybe some people need a little sauce in their lives. come on down to ECU. we'll treat you right ;-)


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I thought college was supposed to be the last bastion of free speech?