Thursday, July 2, 2009

bathroom stalls

i think the back of bathroom stall doors are used a sounding board.

people write things on there knowing that no one will ever find out that they wrote it. its a safe place to voice their deepest thoughts and secrets.

i am not sure if men's bathrooms are the same...but women sure do have a lot to say. here are a few, now, not so secret bathroom messages:

this is a typical finding (that comes in varying forms):
amanda loves billy. forever.
I love scott AAF!! (that is, always and forever)

USAF, no one comes even close. (ummm....ok?)

its summer '09 bitches. (one of my personal favorites).

will you marry me, cornelius? (how will he ever get the message if it is only on the back of a bathroom door??)

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

and someone responded with more lyrics from the song:
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

and someone else responded:
why would you post such a political message here? (as a opposed to someplace less obvious??)

god is good.

this message elicits TONS of responses. here are two that i can remember:
your god does not approve of vandalism.
i gave up on god the day my cousin died. so god is not good. (it was a violent death, I can't remember the details...)

and there many messages that involve name calling:

guys are dicks.

vicki is a whore.

jane is a dike bitch.

and for some, it is their safe place to tell secrets:
i am a lesbian.

ECU has turned me into an alcoholic. ahhhhhh!!!

and lastly, this person doesn't like what is written in the bathroom:
why do people write such lame things in girls bathrooms? (this probably is the lamest thing written in girls' bathrooms. sheessh.).

i've always wanted to write on the bathroom door. i think i would feel guilty for "vandalizing" public property. but more importantly, i really don't know what i'd write.


miamicws said...


posting a counter blog soon.

Ryan said...

I like the name calling messages the best...they gave me QUITE a chuckle! How did you remember all of these? Did you write them all down??

KENDRA said...

yes, i did in fact remember all of these quotes (if you can call them that....).

i kind of have a photographic memory.