Monday, July 13, 2009


so i had a blog that was going one way, but another cord struck my fancy.

oh, this is a controversial issue. so beware. and read at your own risk.
lately, in national news and some very local news, gay rights has been a huge issue.

this occurred today in little ol' greenville NC:

and what happened really isn't that important. the effect of the gay rights issue is what is so alarming to me.
now, we just happen to live in a great bible belt state. so there are A LOT of christians who want to preach their point of view as the one and only way of life.
that's fine.
they are wrong. but that is fine.

do you know how many different religions there are in america? can you imagine a day when all religious groups agreed on everything?
yeah, hell would freeze over first.
there is no ONE way.

however, (greenville) bible beaters are extremely against gay marriage. they say it is wrong. it is sinful. it is against the bible. you choose to be gay. they teach their children to dislike gay people.
**btw, i am getting this information from the comments posted about the article i gave in the link above.

here is what i think: you don't have to agree. i don't care if you do, because it is my opinion and i am entitled to it.

first of all: what does religion have to do with gay rights? just a thought....
and since when does the christian god make all of the rules for everyone? what if i wasn't a christian? what if i believed in something that says gay marriage is ok? then what??! booyah.

gay rights are just that: they should be entitled to all human rights. they should be treated as a whole human. they should receive all the benefits a heterosexual person gets. there is no reason for them not to. i believe women receive equal rights. i am pretty sure asians do too. and i even think african american have equal rights.

you don't get to choose who you love. straight people say it all the time. why do the rules change because someone fell in love with a person of the same sex? what is the difference? its not a social norm? so what! there really is no "social norm" anymore...if you think about it. what is normal? nothing is normal. ok, normal is happy and healthy. or i would even venture to say if you have at least one of those two, you are "normal". but whatever.

so just because a person loves someone that is the same sex, they shouldn't be punished for that. right now, that is how most of this country is treating the homosexual population. and who are we to teach others to hate them? what is "wrong" with them?
do they hurt people? do they steal? are they broken? is their head on wrong? are they out to take over the country?

NO. they just want to be loved. be happy. and live their lives.

heterosexual people could probably stand to learn a few things from their homosexual counterparts:

be more down to earth. superficial attitudes get you nowhere.
treat each other fairly. this means everyone.
be selfless. make the others around you happy before yourself.
have fun! live life to the fullest!
don't sweat the small stuff. life is too short to worry about what group of people they should hate.
so, understand tolerance. appreciate and embrace people from all walks of life.

i could go on all day.

but the most important thing here, and this can be said for so many issues: don't judge another person's life. you have no idea the journey they have been on.


Ryan said...

Well said! Make an amendment to my Obama letter and add this in?? great!

MUCH appreciated!!

KENDRA said...

sure thing!

after talking to you guys this weekend and then seeing that article in the news, i just find it all to be ridiculous.

sooo, i voiced my opinion about it.
because i am still allowed to do that in AMERICA.

Ryan said...

i is all pretty ridiculous! i just wanna know who determined what group of people get what rights?? probably some middle aged white guy back in 1840, lol.

this is still AMERICA, just not as free as we project ourselves to be to everybody else!

KENDRA said...

i meant to tell you...any part of this blog you want to use in your letter, feel free!! :o)