Tuesday, June 30, 2009

innocent, but deadly bystanders

this happening in my town very early this morning:

basically, there was an argument, disagreement, fight at a downtown club. right before closing time. a grown man decides that he can't manage his anger. so he goes to his car, gets a gun. then drives back to the club he was at and does a drive-by shooting. he had no idea if the person or persons he was upset with were outside of that club or not. he went back to that club with the intent to harm. someone. he didn't care who. he just wanted to make a statement.

was he trying to say "i'm a big tough guy. and no one messes with me."??
because what he really said was "i'm a fucking coward. and instead of dealing with the person(s) who pissed me off. i am just going to fire my gun off."

because in the world of those who deal with adversity through guns, let me tell you, that man sent a message, alright. who ever he was "aiming" at, is still out there. and is probably now aiming a gun at his head.

not to mention the fact that the entire city police force is looking for his ass too. for murder.

i hope he got all the answers to his problems from whatever upset him at the club. because once the police get a hold of him, they are going to want a lot of answers.

now, i told you that, to ask you this: i will never understand what gets a person to the point of "i have to shoot someone down to resolve this issue." so what gives? someone explain it to me.
what ever happened to a good ole fashioned fist fight?
wait, wait, wait....hear me out!!
i am not promoting violence by any stretch of the imagination. however, sometimes people (cough, cough, men) get so upset about an event (eg, a guy grabbing their lady's ass), that their only answer is violence.
i don't understand it. but whatever. so who decided that they became such a coward that they couldn't fight with their fists anymore? that they have to bring guns and knives into it?
if you must fight.....fight fair. by shooting someone, you never gave that person a chance. not a fair fight. you win on a technicality. and by the simple fact that you are a bitch.
guns and knives are not a fair fight.

so some of you are saying "life isn't fair."

OK. well, think about a verbal argument or disagreement you have with your significant other. mostly, it is a fair argument. sure, you will use tactics to push their buttons or bring up the past (that is basically irrelevant info, but will strengthen an argument nonetheless).
these measures equate to repeated blows to the ribs. which really isn't fair, but at least you both are fighting with fists.
now, a totally unfair argument is where you are blindsided with your lady being upset with the way you folded her underwear when you put away the laundry. she is so upset that she leaves you. to you, this seems ridiculous. because you did her a favor by putting all of her panties away. who knew they needed to be folded into 4 equal sections?!?!
this kind of fight is like fighting with GUNS. one person was completely armed with a deadly weapon. the other person had no idea there was any trouble coming their direction.

they were just an innocent bystander.

much like the two men who died this morning.

its needless. and senseless.

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