Monday, June 29, 2009

every moment

a few things:

GRE. is over. for now. because i am pretty sure i will have to retake it.
damn you, GRE. because you are stupid.

the hangover is awesome. it is just as hilarious as everyone has made it out to be. i laughed so much that i felt like i was laughing too much and too loudly. that never happens. so, if you haven't seen it. go. see it. now.

i say this a lot, but only because i feel that it is an important message that most people should live their life by. or at least part of their life by.
life is too short. enjoy every moment you have.

i had a few stressful days. but none of that mattered after an awesome weekend. spent with some of my favorite people.
my weekend was filled with sunshine.
suntanning while listening to some kid yell "mama" repeatedly, thus forcing me to turn on my iPod (a blessing in disguise).
yummy dinners.
a movie that went on too long, but allowed for drinking games (what better way to remind you that you are still young? or perhaps don't act your age? either way, it was fun. and i'd do it again. so don't hate.).
a trip to the bar that included the regulars belting out classic rock tunes. and i knew all the words. (i swear i was born a few decades too late).
and two of my favorite guys using household items as stage equipment for their own rendition of a rock band. (a skateboard and a vacuum cleaner, if you were wondering....).

and all of this may seem very trivial. and what i did over the weekend really doesn't matter the grand scheme of things. all i am saying is enjoy the small things. appreciate all the wonderful and amazing things life has to offer. whether it is drinking games. or your very own air band.

to each their own.

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