Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i take the GRE on friday.

i am suddenly afraid. very afraid.

i have been "studying". but how do you study for a test when you have NO idea what is going to be on it??!?! it seems pointless. and stupid. and a waste of my valuable time.

and every time i review practice problems i get more frustrated and make more careless errors. thus getting more incorrect answers.

i had to put the GRE book away last night. or it going through my window.

i am hoping that today, with a refreshed feeling, i will do better during my studying.

also, i need to do well. because i don't want to have to spend anymore time studying this bullshit if i do poorly on the test and have to take it AGAIN next month. shoot me in the face.

stress. stress. STRESS. STRESS.

all i know is that this weekend will involve some sort of celebration. celebration of my success or celebration in the fact that i am a dumbass and have to retake the test.
either way, it will involve booze.

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Al said...

and remember...the light at the end of the tunnel is the Dominican Republic...