Monday, June 22, 2009

monday. bloody. monday.

so i thought i would share my case of the mondays.

this morning i overslept. i hit the snooze button for an HOUR. yes, an hour.
finally keith says, "baby, you have to get up, you can't miss anymore class."

this is the short convo that follows:
i respond strongly," i didn't mean to sleep."
keith sweetly says," but you can't miss class, can you?"
i snap," FINE. let's get up and go to class!"

i fly out of bed and storm into the bathroom to get ready.

keith follows up with,"i am not mad, baby, i am just asking..."
i choose to ignore him.

now, if you know me, waking me up is a very delicate thing. and i blame my dad for this. see, growing up my dad found a sick humor in waking me up by making as much noise and by making the room as bright as possible. so, dad's "wake up call" usually went as follows: he'd bust into my room, flip on the lights. turn on my stereo. and if the volume wasn't up, he would turn it up. then he' proceed to rip the covers off of me. then open the blinds to let all the glorious sunlight in.
i would try to avoid all of this by putting my pillow over my head. but yes, you guessed it....he'd come take that away real quick.
and if i was really lucky, he would tickle me.
i mean, who ever thinks this is a great way to way up their sweetly sleeping daughter?!!

so, today, keith wasn't loud or bright. but he started the day by getting on my case. or, so i thought. hell, i was half asleep. i didn't want the inquisition.

and from there...the morning snowballed into this ridiculous bad mood. over nothing. i will spare you the rest of the details.

i blame monday.

and partially, my dad.

**an attempt is being made to change this case of the mondays into a great, wonderful mood. because the sun is shinning and its a beautiful day.
so far: well, i am in a better mood than 9am. i guess that is a start.

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