Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this is a true story

its like ridiculous follows me.
and when there is a little bit of ridiculous. a lot quickly follows.

so, as you know keith and i walk to school together everyday. "ohhh how cute. and how sweet" bleh. not today. in the pouring rain. we have one tiny umbrella to share. i wore a rain jacket. which helped. but my feet still were soaked. along with my jeans.
i am not a fan of rain. especially when i am in it.

we get to school, i dry off and attempt to not look like a wet dog that has just spent the night out in a monsoon. i ride the bus to school. now, i get to my building early and i am really excited because today i have a smoothie! yum. so, i sit on the second floor window benches to gobble up this deliciousness. however, it is so thick that i have to eat it with a spoon. no problem, i can dig it. however, i had a really tall travel mug that it was in...sooooo my spoon didn't make it all the way to the bottom. the smoothie had melted enough to where i could just tip up the mug. score! so, i just threw the mug up to my face with reckless abandon. and immediately smoothie came sliding down my mug and crashing into my face. i quickly put my mug down and felt just how much coldness was ALL over my face. without thinking, i wiped my face off with my hand. now my entire hand was covered in smoothie. i thought "what do i do with this now? lick it off? wipe it on my jacket? bookbag? this bench?" luckily i came to my senses, got up, and walked 10 feet to the bathroom and washed my hands and face.

**this reminded me of a time my younger brother did the same thing. at the mall. with an icee. however, he did not handle it so well. and most of the cherry, red icee ended up on his shirt. there were tears. probably from a combination of a HUGE blast of of ice to his face and at an entire icee lost.**

as i am walking out of the bathroom, this is where i see the next ridiculous thing: a girl walks in wearing those stupid ass plastic rain boots.
(side rant: i don't care if you love them, they are plastic and look stupid with your pants all shoved in them. they are not uggs. which are just as stupid ass looking.)
she wore rain boots, but had no umbrella and no rain jacket. so the only thing that was dry on here were her stupid plastic rain boots. what the hell? i just wonder what she thought this morning: "ohhh, looks like its raining outside, i better wear my ugly plastic boots to keep my feet dry." and that's it. who dresses half way for the rain? gloshes. check. umbrella. no thanks. rain coat. don't need it.
she just looked ridiculous. all drippy wet. and then rain boots. HA.

moving right along to more ridiculousness:
the bus that i ride every day has a small portion of the route that goes through a "bad" neighborhood. some people call it the slums. or the ghetto. either way, lock your doors when rolling through, ok?
so, as the bus is riding through the ghetto, we go past the gas station that the "locals" hang out at. I see this white trash looking lady. and I don't mean to stereotype, but there really is no better way to describe her. plus, when i write that you all know exactly what i mean. so don't take as a stereotype, but really, more of an adjective.
so, i see this heavy set white trash lady, with a mohawk. a bleach blonde mohawk. i kid you not. i looked twice just to make sure.

and all of this happened today. oh, and my cat can't resist a whistle. yeah, you read that right.

ps: i tried to find a pic that closely resembled the white trash with the mohawk. you know, for your viewing pleasure. but no luck. it was a once in a life time experience.


Windot said...

your blog cracks me up!!! I love the girl in the boots with no umbrella and coat!!!

KENDRA said...

Thank you! :o)

I hope you and your family are well!!

Al said...

"a girl walks in wearing those stupid ass plastic rain boots."

The Gorton's Fisherman of Suck...

Say hello to Keith for us...we'll see you guys real soon.