Tuesday, June 2, 2009

twilight zone

do you ever have things in your life that just freak you out?

well, i am feeling freaked out right now.

things feel different. and not necessarily in a bad way. things are just different.

relationships are different. some are fading. some are growing. some surprise me everyday.
i am different. i have bursts of energy. then none at all. i am totally starved. then grossed out by everything. i want to workout. then i want a nap.
school is different. i am taking two classes. with odd professors. neither have any real structure to the class. they aren't teaching me anything of much value. its's almost too laid back for my own good. and campus is too quiet.

its weird.

i search everyday for the cause of this "difference" and something to make it go away. as i sit in my half-lit kitchen tippity-typing on my keyboard.


i think i am just better with more positive things going on in my life. i thrive on being busy. good busy. i need to be busy. i want to be busy. busy with stuff i like and enjoy.

maybe that is why things feel different. these summer classes are bullshit.

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