Wednesday, June 3, 2009

coffee mistakes

i start everyday with a cup of coffee. no more no less.
today keith suggests taking our coffee along for the ride in travel mugs. since we are walking to school instead of riding our bikes.
*note* the reason we are walking has nothing to do with the fact that i shredded a hoodie while on my bike. seriously.
i think this is fine. now i can enjoy my single cup of coffee instead of inhaling like every other morning.
we get to the health sciences campus where i have to wait on my bus, eerrr van, to pick me up to take me to main campus. let me explain this van. it is a standard 15 passenger van. however, it is very difficult for me to get into. most vans provide two step up to get into the van along with some sort of a handle to hold on to while getting in. this van has none of that. i have to pratically jump up onto the one step up to get in and use the first row seat as my "handle" to hoist myself in. i might as well take a running start to leap into this vehicle. once the van is stopped at the bus stop, i'll start run towards it, then hurl my body into the van. mission complete.

back to the coffee. so today i am carrying a coffee mug. this makes it difficult to grab onto random objects to climb into a 20 foot tall van. so my brillant self says lodge it in your tote (AKA over the shoulder) bag while you climb on in. mind you, i have a laptop in my bag. like i said, brillant. i thought nothing of my actions. i got in the van, flashed the guy sitting in the first row of seats in the process. (i was wearing a skirt, its a really huge step up = he probably saw my panties). once i was seated, i removed my mug from the bag and enjoyed some more brew during my ride to school. la da da.

problems arise when i get to my first class. i have a macbook. and i have a hard plastic case on my computer to protect it. so when i get to class, i pull out my computer and its a little wet. no worries, because it seemed the case kept the actual computer dry. awesome. thanks dad for getting me such a great gift!!
then, i flip it over and look at the top case, its dry, but somehow there is coffee between the case and the computer. AHHH. i am thinking, "how the hell did this happen?!!?" luckily this moisture is on the outside, top portion of the computer. instead of the bottom, where all of the technical, running of the computer stuff is. (yeah, i am real computer savvy.)
so, i am sitting through this 1 hour and 45 minute long class thinking,"is my computer going to die? i don't even know how to get this case off...what an idiot..."
i leave class. i get some paper towels from the bathroom. then i sit on a bench in the hallway and desparately try to pull this top case off. luckily one of the four tabs is already broken, so that makes it easier to pull away from the computer. and i was just going to rip the damn thing off. i didn't care if i broke it. it already is and i need a new one anyway. BUT THE CASE WOULDN'T COME OFF.
bad news. and i had to go to another fucking class.
so, i stress through that class. but i put my class time to good use. i googled how to get the damn case off. once i had the good information. i just wanted to leave class. it was the class that would never end.
google said to use a credit card, or something of that nature, and wedge it between the tabs and presto! the case come right off.
i had missed my bus because prof ran class 5 minutes late. so i sat outside waiting for the bus, attempting to pry this case off. let me tell you, friends, just slipping a credit card in between these tabs. not that easy. the only reason i was able to get the damn the off is because one side was already off. so that made it easier to get the card (my blockbuster card was my card of choice) in there and slide it down to the other tab to POP! it off.
i used my leftover paper towels to wipe down my computer and the case. everything smelled like coffee. bleh. not a great smell at 100 degrees.

computer is fine. i am using it right now. she thanks me for ridding her of the awful hot, coffee smell.
moral of the story. don't carry so much bullshit when trying to cannonball into a 50 foot tall van.


Mike said...

Good read.

The van shouldn't make stops. It needs to a) just ride around with the doors wide open b) slow down when nearing students c) have a sign that reads 'if you can jump in, you can have a ride to campus'

cathyvinson said...

You are toooo funny!!!

Al said...

it's 100 in NC??? The wife and I are going to have to seriously reconsider our 10 year plan...

KENDRA said...

noooo. its not 100. i tend to exaggerate to make a point or make my story seem funnier.

in this case, i think it added to the hilarity.

you guys are considering moving down here?!?! we'd LOOOOVE that!!